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11 Salah Zo Elfakar St,
(Yashbak St -at Past)Abaseya,Cairo

Telefax: +2(02) 2674 1511
Telefax: +2(02) 2482 2718
Telefax: +2(02) 2682 2106
Mobile : 012 31 10 493

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Why General Ledger software ?

Quality and Performance in doing job .

* The ability to save data what ever its size.

* Heigh level of security on dealing data and including different kinds of users permitions.

* The ability for giving a department its need of analysis and reports at the same time accurately.

* It could include an infinite number of financial codes.

* It includes the main accounting systems such as the American and franchise (elmagmoaa el daftareya).

* It's including takalef financial system with an easy distribution on financial codes.

* The ability of designing general ledger by the user.

* The ability of design the balance sheet with some of financial codes with an infinite number of ledgers.

* The ability of doing the program for any number of companies as it could discover the company sheet completed and any report for all the company or for one of the branches.

* It includes a high security and data saving.

* The system is designed on oracle data base which considered one of the most powerful data base one the world.